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Hey there! I'm Cristina.

The eternal optimist.

Accomplished psychic medium, energy healer, hypnotherapist, holistic nutrition counselor, dancer, artist, and green smoothie maker.

I have an unwavering belief in your body's innate ability to heal, and it's the foundation of everything I do.

Drawing on my personal journey of overcoming autoimmune thyroid disease, anxiety/panic attacks and digestive issues without meds, my passion is to help others do the same.

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My Story

I have always been drawn to health and fitness. As a teenager I started taking dance lessons and absolutely fell in love. The studio was my second home and my dance family was a huge support system. 

After high school, I began teaching ballet and attended San Francisco State University. In 2004 I received a Dance Education and I continued teaching until 2010, when I was pregnant with my second child. The physical and emotional demands of being pregnant and wrangling a spirited toddler were too much. I needed to rest, so I decided to step away.

I had so many health challenges over the years - digestive issues, skin issues, sinus infections, joint pain, mood swings, anxiety, and autoimmune thyroid disease. Doctors prescribed medications and they weren't working for me. I didn't feel good about taking them and I wanted to find alternatives that could actually address the root causes of all my symptoms instead of just masking them.


I started Googling the impact of diet and lifestyle on autoimmune disease symptoms and found that the connection was undeniable. Highly motivated, I changed my diet and was actually able to get off of the thyroid medication I had been taking for 13 years! Armed with the knowledge that food really mattered, I became a health coach and got my board certification in holistic nutrition so that I could support other people who were dealing with similar health issues.

Through a lot of trial and error I discovered that it wasn’t enough to have a “perfect diet” when you live a stressful life - emotions and past trauma needed to be addressed also in order to be truly healthy. After being introduced to energy healing and hypnotherapy I realized that this was the missing piece. Our physical bodies hold onto trauma and unexpressed emotions, which majorly contributes to illness and disease.

​I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer so that I could help my clients overcome limiting beliefs and release the old stories that hold them back from total physical and emotional wellbeing.

The efficacy has been well documented for weight loss, IBS, smoking cessation, anxiety, phobias and more. People no longer need to rely on willpower to change their beliefs and lifestyle habits. Drastic improvements are well within reach in 6 weeks or less. Shifts happen in the very first session!

Over the past 11 years I have been learning how to create health in my own body and life, even with an autoimmune disease diagnosis, and I’ve been able to help friends, family and clients. My dis-ease didn't happen TO me, it happened FOR me. It prepared me for the work I was meant to do here. I am so passionate about helping people feel empowered, vibrant and healthy in all aspects - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am an eternal optimist, offering hope for healing from the inside out.

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